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21st Century Traffic Exchange with safe surf Icon Technology
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Full Pro Tracking Service with precision control Smart Technology
professional tracking service

Exclusive Site Wide Viral Branding And Team Builder
site wide viral branding and team builder

We KNOW Traffic! ...*So We share our best traffic resources with you

Hits Viral is all about active members, the more active you are the more you will be rewarded... we have a revolutionary new system where we actively promote the affiliate links of active surfers.

Yes that's right surf 25 page views everyday and we will promote your hits viral affiliate link in other traffic sources we know will work for you. The more you surf the more weight we will put on your corporate advertising link. And its all on auto pilot

Safe Surf Icons...Be sure that no Bots can ever steal your traffic, the new safe surf icon technology is intuitive for a human... but impossible for a computer to cheat
Site wide Branding...Brand every link, offer and product that's in the members area and in the outgoing emails
Build Your Own Team Branding system...Take Control Of The Members Area And Use All Our Tools To make sure your downline is ACTIVE!
Fully Tracked Rotator and Tracking service: Brand Your Domains...Explode Your Commissions And Grab More Traffic With Every Link
ACTIVE Team Members, and Active Team Leaders so together you can build massive teams and referrals
FREE Spillover Advertising...the more you surf the more corporate advertising is done on your affiliate link...Giving you even more leverage than you could ever dream of creating on your own
Active Upline to Help YOU build your business.
Custom Referral Links That Convert...HitsViral was designed to give you maximum leverage from every new member you refer

Link tracking: that shows you how many times your links have been clicked enabling you to measure conversion rates and the popularity of your links with your list and site visitors

Fully editable: links that let you switch link destinations when-ever you chose. Plus searchable stats for super easy reference

An Easy to Understand Daily Results Graph to clarify what your Advertising is doing for your business? With daily stats, you will be able to see how each of your trackers and rotators have been performing over the past days, weeks, and months.

The custom-built graph navigation gives you the power to quickly and easily view your stats and then quickly zoom into the details when you wish to do so.

How About the Ability to Increase or Decrease How Often Each of Your URLs Gets Shown?...Precision Control Rotators

Our exclusive Traffic Control Graph gives you precise control over your rotators. You can control which of Your sites are being shown most frequently by simply dragging a bar up or down. It's intuitive, it's powerful, and it's easy.

How about Smartening this up with Smart Technology:

Technology that Knows which site the URL is being shown in and Won't show your Ads for that site?

What if viewers got a Reward For Giving their Opinions on the Ads your promoting? So they Are Forced To Look At your Page More Closely

Source Ranks

Source Ranks is an innovative tool that your members can add to their sites, and reward their visitors for rating their site. The members will then be able to view the ratings and comments for all of their sites, and also see where their sites are getting the best ratings.

Source Ranks will automatically deliver the rewards to visitors when they rate a site. We'll even provide some prize packs that you can add to the Source Ranks system with the click of a mouse.

Every new innovation has been added to Hit Viral giving you access to the new breed of users, via twitter and facebook integration and the new viral social chat program.

Yes even the new idea of surf chat has been completely revamped no longer confined to the people surfing hits Viral you can now talk and connect with surfers on 100's of other traffic networks across the net. Making hits viral the centre of the Traffic universe

The result: Free High Quality traffic Viewers to your website

It's much more than just getting hits to your site...If you reckon this sounds good to you (and it really is), we would be happy to give you a free Hits Viral membership so you can see for yourself how superior this new breed of traffic network really is

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